Shipping and Returns

Shipping times will vary based on backlog, but generally items will be shipped within 2-3 weeks of payment. For items that will ship immediately, browse the “Ready to Ship” category.

Returns must be requested with 10 days of delivery. A refund will be issued upon receipt of the item. Return shipping will not be included in the refund, but a shipping label may be emailed to you at your request to simplify the return.

If your item arrives damaged, please contact me within 3 days of delivery with a photo of the damaged item. We can arrange for a refund or replacement. Damaged items without photo proof will not be refunded or replaced.

Shipping costs will vary based on item size and your location. For items larger than about 30″, the USPS “oversized item” costs apply.

Custom Items

In general, custom item costs will follow the formula below:

Cost = $0.20 x SQ IN   +   $3.50 x NUM OF PIECES

For example: a 10″ x 20″ panel with 75 pieces would cost $302.50

The cost increases significantly as the number of pieces goes up, so consider a design with fewer pieces if you are looking to create a piece on a budget.

A limited number of items are available at wholesale prices, generally 20% off for orders of more than 10 pieces. Wholesale requests can be submitted through the Contact Page.

Displaying Your Item

The best way to hang glass pieces is with threaded hooks screwed directly into the drywall or window frame. 

If this is not an option (rental, etc.), rubber suction cup hooks will also work. I recommend 2″ or larger to guarantee your item will not fall.

The mobiles are light-weight enough to hang with a regular threaded hook (speaking from experience, I have never had one fall!).

If you are wary of using only a threaded hook, a drywall hook can also be used.

Care and Cleaning

Avoid contact with water, as this may discolor the dark grey patina. Silver patina will darken with time, but it can be kept brighter by reapplying wax when the solder gets dull. I recommend Mother’s Car Wax.

Wax can be applied by using a small amount of wax and rubbing the glass and solder with a dry cloth until excess has been removed.

Solder does contain lead (usually 60% tin, 40% lead). However, lead is only dangerous when ingested and is not absorbed through skin. Keep your piece away from children and pets, and wash your hands after handling to avoid any contamination with food or drink.

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